Propane cylinder exchange training is provided with, or separately from, forklift operator training as desired.


However. We also provide a first-class training programme for Propane Filling Plant (PPO-3) Operators, which is accredited by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). Trainees are instructed in emergency procedures, how to recognize carbon monoxide poisoning, fire emergencies, propane cylinder inspection, how to correctly fill propane containers, avoid accidents and other important topics.


Participants are shown the components of a cut-away propane cylinder and receive information about what each part does, and how. PPO-3 trainees also receive detailed information on the workings of a filling plant.


Training is followed by a written test and a practical observation of the skills learned, as required and recognized by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority.


A Record Of Training (ROT) is issued to the successful participant pursuant to the

Technical Standards and Safety (TSS) Act.


All PPO-3 operators must be re-trained every 3 years.




Propane Training (PPO-3)


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All mobile equipment operators must be competent”- Occupational Health & Safety Act of Ontario -

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